Planned litters – Update January 2018

JANUARY 2018 – Due to the tragic loss of Bizcuts (Gus in the same litter as Sammie), there are plans to breed Sammie for a spring 2018 litter. Pups would go to their new homes sometime in May. Sammie was bred to  Hercules, who is a Lil’ Ranchin’ Decker line Rat Terrier, on December 28. He is the sire to Maddie and Colt. This should bring some size and bone into the litter, and may produce some color. Read a short blog on our visit to Moab.

I do not know yet if I am ready to breed Maddie. If I do, it will most likely be to her second cousin Milo, a hunting Rat Terrier from the Oaker Mtn and Brownking lines. This should be a good combination, as it will be bringing EmmaLee’s sire’s line into the breeding. Maddie has decided to change my plans and has come into heat now. I believe that Sammie being in heat must have triggered it. I do not know if she will cycle again until May or June, so for now, will see how things work out.

Just a note to prospective puppy buyers, I do try to use the Early Neurological Stimulation on my puppies and work with challenging them in their puppy pen with different obstacles, pipes, etc. I will continue to do that with subsequent litters.

Please let me know if you might be interested in a puppy by either calling me at 970  773  1215 or emailing me at ratraceratterriers at









One thought on “Planned litters – Update January 2018

  1. Seriously looking for female in the next year 2016. Our youngest son has a mini rat that he rescued, which I told him I want her…he’s not willing to part from her, so a bit of research & I believe a standard size is more to my liking. E-mail is
    Thanks for considering me?
    Cheryl Dolan

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