Rat Race Rat Terriers

Rat Race Rat Terriers is a small country ranch in Colorado that is home to six awesome Standard Rat Terriers. The first Rat, EmmaLee, was purchased mainly to help disperse the large population of prairie dogs, as well as to be a bit of a house dog/lap dog. While the prairie dogs have not encountered her much, she has become a bit of a couch potato, content to sleep on the chair or couch. She does enjoy hunting the many mice that are in our fields, and checks the barrels of chicken feed for any errant mice. She’s also prone to chase coyotes, thinking somehow that she’s bigger and badder then they are.

EmmaLee traces her lineage to Fire Mountain and Decker lines on her sire’s side, with Fire Mountain’s Tonka showing up several times, as well as one line to Sycamore Flat’s Tuffy and Sycamore Flat’s Lacey . Her dam is from an Iowa line recently brought into the registry by her breeder Dereth Wylie, of Bear Tuff Rat Terriers. .

In April, 2012, EmmaLee whelped a small litter of Rat Terrier puppies, all males. While two found new homes, one has remained with us. Chance has grown into a very handsome Rat Terrier and has surpassed his mother in size. He is also very fond of tracking down and scaring up coyotes. He has a unique little barky sound when he’s on a hot coyote trail. Chance’s sire is Guero, from Ramirez Ratz.

Rat Race’s Sammie  joined the pack in 2013. Whelped in April,  she was not originally slated to stay here. But with her temperament and personality, there was no way that she was going to leave. She is also from Em and Guero. Although I expect her to remain on the smaller side, what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in intelligence and attitude. Definitely a keeper. She will be my first dog to train for scent work and possibly SAR. Watch for updates on her personal page.

A surprise litter gave us Rat Race’s Amazing Joy. She is out of Sammie and by Chance. Not a planned litter, but we didn’t realize that Sammie was sneaking out the cat door until too late. Joy was going to go to Prince Edward Island in Canada and be a flyball dog, but when that didn’t quite come together, she told us she was staying here. She’s a bit of a goof, loving to do somersaults on the couch. She and her mom are very close and are frequently found nestled together.

The April 2014 litter with Lil’ Ranchin’ Hercules as the sire gave us two more pups to stay here. Not something we particularly planned on, but the way it happened. If you have Ratties, you will easily understand! Out of 7 puppies, only one, a male, was the hoped for color of apricot, red or chocolate. The rest were black tris or black piebalds. My husband put dibs on the apricot boy, and I fell in love with little Maddie. So here they stay. They are a higher percentage of Decker blood, and have more bone and coat then the other pups have had.

Future plans with the Ratties is to work them in scent work, as well as to develop a line of standard sized, well-built Ratties with a stable temperament, calm in the house, but ready for any adventure that is put before them. I will be focusing mainly on the hunting lines, with plans on breeding back on EmmaLee’s dam’s side to bring that line forward in the Rat Terrier lines sometime in the near future. My goal is to have a nice, medium sized dog, with good bone and substance, preferably around 16″ – 18″, with an excellent mind, very athletic, speed, intelligence, willing to please and bold. My ultimate goal is to have Ratties as a recognized K9 partner in drug detection and other police work along that line. It’s going to be a long, hard, hard road, but that is my goal.


Chance August 2013

Chance August 2013

Sammie - August 2013

Sammie – August 2013


Amazing Joy

Madame Mustache - "Maddie"

Madame Mustache – “Maddie”




11 thoughts on “Rat Race Rat Terriers

  1. I was told my dog is Decker by a Decker owner at our dog beach. I found my pup at a shelter 9 months ago and now I am tracking down his past. By chance did either of your males go to, or near California? He is almost all black and tan. He’s a bit on the bigger side, 36 lbs of pure muscle. This may be insane but regardless, your site is so amazing. I have a lot to learn about my lovely pup!

  2. We recently lost our best friend, Browning, a Decker Terrier who was a very much loved member of our family for over 17 years. My husband very much needs a new best friend. We live in Northern California and are trying to find a breeder in the area. Browning was around 40lbs and strawberry and white and was an amazing hunter.

    • Hello Dana. No, I never have bred to anything but Ratties, and honestly don’t see me breeding to anything else in the future. I would honestly prefer to keep them purebred than have a designer dog.

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